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Hawaii Nutrition Company was started in 2002 in Honolulu, Hawaii specializing in nutraceuticals featuring Hawaiian grown botanicals such as noni, spirulina, turmeric and others. We launched the first body care products in 2010 with our Noni and green tea antioxidant lotions.

We believe the Hawaiian Islands are the jewel of US agriculture. The pristine environment offers ideal growing conditions for potent botanical ingredients. The majority of our herbs are grown on the Big Island where active volcanoes constantly pump an abundance of minerals into the soil from miles below the earth's surface, while fresh rainwater pours down daily onto the rain forest farms. 

That's just the beginning of the journey of our ingredients to your home. The fruits and herbs are picked at the peak of perfection for the next step of either dehydration or juicing. To make our famous noni juice, organically grown ripe fruits are aged in a natural fermentation process for weeks before the juiced is pressed and filtered. The freshly pressed juice is pasteurized and bottled simultaneously right here on Oahu for maximum freshness. Our juice has never left the island for processing, never been exposed to excessive heat or shipping conditions. We supply product directly to retailers. That means product is always fresh, has not been sitting in some distribution warehouse for months before reaching the store shelf. 

Hawaii Nutrition Company Premium Gold noni is not from concentrate, contains no preservatives, colors or flavors. It's purity, small batch  production, and unique fermentation process are what sets it far above the mass market supplements that are being marketed as "noni". Fermenting the juice is the traditional method of preparing the noni for drinking, that brings out the most potent nutrients and anti-oxidant value.

That is just snapshot into the level of care that goes into each of our products.

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Hawaii Nutrition Company

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