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Hawaiian Cleanse & Slim

Part Number HCS90
Hawaiian Cleanse & Slim
Contains Garcinia Cambogia, spirulina and noni
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Hawaiian Cleanse & Slim is 100% natural, easy to use, and results come quickly. Our revolutionary Cleanse and Slim formula has powerful nutrients that will suppress your appetite, give you a great boost of energy, power your metabolism, and promote fat loss.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but you shouldn't waste your money on cheaply made knock-off of this product by Utah based hackers turned internet scammers calling themselves "Hawaiian". 

How Hawaiian Cleanse & Slim Works:
Hawaiian Cleanse & Slim is a completely original formula featuring a dynamic triple action formulation that combines super foods with fat burners, detoxifying herbs, and colon cleansers. 
This all in one formula cleanses liver and digestive organs of poorly digested matter and poisonous buildup. This strengthens the ability of the entire digestive process to function at a higher efficiency rate and actually gain more nutrients from food.
Physical and mental stresses affect the chemical and hormonal balance in our bodies in many ways. Excess stress triggers the release of a hormone called cortisol that signals the body to store energy in the form of fat. his
type of fat is stored mostly around the mid-section –yes, that stubborn belly fat. Ingredients in this formula help reduce the negative effects of stress, restore mental and chemical balance and slow the production of cortisol. Once the stress response is managed, those love handles can start to melt away. 

There are no harsh irritants or extreme stimulants in this product. No cascara sagrada or senna. It is a powerful yet gentle formula that works better over time. Please drink each dose with a full glass of water.

Effective superfood- based fat burners, metabolism boosters and cleansers.
  • Garcinia Cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which helps metabolize carbohydrates into glycogen energy in the liver. That mean less energy s stored as fat and more energy is quickly accessible when you need it.
  • Hawaiian Spirulina is rich in body cleansing chlorophyll and is nutritionally one of the most complete foods on earth. Contains protein amino acids, essential fatty acids and carotenoids. Can also help reduce body odor.
  • Hawaiian Noni cleanses organs and digestive tract, while boosting immunity. Can help manage allergies and blood sugar.
  • Acai is another tropical superfuit known for cleansing and nutritional support 
  • Caprylic Acid from coconut oil helps kill fungus and bacteria
  • Black Walnut hulls are an effective natural defense against parasites
  • Enzymes from papaya and ginger break down unwanted buildup from digestive tract
  • Green Tea extract is a fat burner that has been clinically proven to promote weight loss
  • Milk Thistle and dandelion cleanse liver and promote elimination of toxins
  • American Ginseng for a balanced energy boost
Contains no harsh irritants-- no senna, no cascara sagrada. 
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